16 February 2015

The Red Mirror

This is going to be my first review about something on the internet, ever. And it is going to be about Blind Guardian's new album Beyond the Red Mirror. And I'm going to keep it simple:

9/10 (Fucking Awesome)

Here ends my review and begins some random words. I mean, if you have listened to it you know what I'm talking about. It is not Nightfall on the Middle-Earth or Imaginations from the Other Side (which, by the way would be on my top 20 of best albums ever, maybe even top 10). But still is Blind Guardian at its best, and like in the last album, with orchestra, which some people may not like, but for me is the logical evolution for the band.

As I see it, classical music (which has some of the best music that humanity has produced) is a closed period, there is no more classical music coming out, Mozart, Vivaldi and Beethoven are dead. But the closest we get these days to those classics is metal (or some of it) and soundtracks (some of them). The instruments used or the tempo are not the same in some cases, but indeed in terms of the melodic richness and variety and process of composition. You have that in the fact that everyday more and more metal bands are jumping in using orchestras in their albums and concerts. And no smaller bands for that matter, with the likes of Metallica, Rage, Epica, Nightwish and of course Blind Guardian to name a few.

And Beyond the Red Mirror gets all that right. And is pure Blind Guardian. And Hansi has gone back to some more hoarse voices. It may be too Baroque for some, but I see it the other way around: Pop and Rock are too simplistic nowadays.